“Becoming a founder of Makers Common is both rewarding and exciting. It connects us with the forefront of the food movement and gives us an opportunity to support a business that we believe in. Having known Oliver, Sarah and Eric for years – there is nobody else that we have more confidence in to execute the Maker’s Common concept.”
– Alex & Amelia Spilger, Fairfax, CA

“We think it is exciting to invest and support businesses that we can see, watch grow, and visit regularly. There’s a tangibility and trust in this investment. We’re also excited to support driven, passionate people who truly care about their products, their business, and the effect it has on larger systems and these considerations are clearly there with Maker’s Common.”
– Carl Schneebeck & Kate Nitze, SF, CA

“The DPO model was attractive because it allowed us to support a cause we really believed in with minimal risk and a great return (especially if you consider the benefit of having Maker’s Common around). This funding model basically made investing a no-brainer.”
– Pascal & Sarah Carole, SF, CA

“If you haven’t already, watch the video at the Maker’s Common website. If you haven’t yet visited Mission Cheese, you must go. If you want to be an even bigger part of such a community and you have the means, there is no better place to invest. Everything to do with sustainability, local, good, well-priced, and thoughtful food & beverage is exemplified by this team. It’s a rare thing to be presented with the opportunity to help such a cause with such a modest investment.”
– Kris Harrison & Judy Kim-Harrison, SF, CA

“With all the investment choices out there, Maker’s Common’s was one that spoke intuitively to our principles and values. We were drawn to supporting a local Bay Area supply chain and vibrant storefront vision that nourished community as an inherent element of the business.We found the DPO investment vehicle attractive because it opened the door and afforded us a means to get involved in a way that was within our reach.”
– Aron & Emily Bosworth, SF, CA

“I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to support local makers. By supporting Maker’s Common you’re also supporting all the small food producers they source from. Maker’s Common has created an opportunity for me to invest in my local community, and that’s an opportunity that doesn’t come by very often.”
– Buck Lucas, SF, CA

“Over the past few years I’ve made it a priority to diversify my investments. The DPO interest rate is 4x’s that of my savings account, so the portion I would typically allocate to savings for a few months is going toward a totally cool initiative. It’s a win win!”
– Jenny Bulgrin, Oakland, CA

“Natalie and I love the pure focus on great quality ingredients – both in a meal experience but a market experience combined. We believe we’ll see more businesses like Maker’s Common in the future and allows us to support the concept with an approachable investment.”
– Natalie & Jason Horwath, SF, CA

“For decades the trend has been to take a concept or brand and create a commodity or service replicated over and over again because it can make a lot of money. This idea minimizes the importance of the people involved and the benefit to a community. Direct involvement mutually benefits both the investors and the business owners. Plus, the interest rate is much better than banks, and you are investing in a new venture operated by caring creative people that already have a proven track record in the city.”
– Sam & Gail Dameron, Hughson, CA

“To be a part of something from the very beginning is a richly rewarding investment. To watch it grow and mature along with like minded investors is a handsome reward. The ability to then step into a business that was created by some truly wonderful people, whom invited a diverse group of people to invest in their vision, that is a payout that is beyond just dollars and cents.”
– Ben Strauss-Malcolm, San Diego, CA